“Responsiveness” Affects Rankings

responsiveWe have talked before about website rankings and how you can help to make sure that your website ranks high up on search engines, including SEO, Adwords and PPC campaigns. There is now another factor to consider which is going to have a huge impact on where websites are positioned in search engine results. 

Google posted on their blog in February that as of 21st April 2015, “responsiveness” or mobile optimisation of a website will alter it’s ranking on Google. We are now more connected than we have ever been, with our smartphones, tablets and other devices; we can browse the Internet from anywhere at anytime. But this has meant that developments have had to take place to keep websites running effectively on these devices. If a website is not responsive, you may not be able to view it effectively from your phone, the page won’t appear as it should and this could in turn put people off doing business with your company. We live in an “I want it now” society and if someone who is searching on their phone for a product/service that you offer but a competitor website is responsive and appears in your browser in a user-friendly way, this may encourage the customer to go with another company, rather than looking at your website on a desktop at a later time. There is much research to suggest that over 50% of customers will leave a website if it has not loaded in 3 seconds, and a further 30% will not fulfil their purchase transaction if the shopping cart is not mobile optimised.

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How To Measure Social Media Success

social successWith a massive increase in social networking platforms in the last few years, this is now a huge part of how we communicate, whether it be for personal or business reasons. Successful use of social media can propel your business and up your profile in a matter of seconds. With social media platforms it is now more accessible and easier to promote your business without using an outside agency. 

Social media is great for brand awareness and identity, increasing website traffic and having communication and interaction with key audiences. It allows you to create a dialogue with your customers, building relationships with them, at the same time as reinforcing your company’s values and ethos. With so many platforms to choose from, it is a good idea to have a presence on the main networks such as Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest. Each network provides something a little different, so you may find more success with one than another, depending on your business type and offering.

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Why Video Marketing Is Important

play tvThe use of video marketing has been growing over the past few years and continues to constantly evolve becoming increasingly important. It is not the future of marketing, but very much the now, so it's helpful to understand why video marketing is important to you can learn how to include it within your marketing strategy. There are so many free video hosting sites out there now, including Vimeo, Vevo, dailymotion, flikr to name but a few. Not to mention the big players, VideoGoogle, VideoYahoo and of course YouTube, the largest video sharing forum with over 1.9 billion active users a month, it is the 2nd biggest social media network and the second largest search engine after Google. However social media channels such as Instagram which previously didn't focus on video have now put it at the forefront with features such as Instagram stories and their latest; IGTV.

This speaks volumes about what we are interested in seeing now as we search the Internet. And interestingly, as the social networking platforms battle it out in popularity, according to a report by socialbakers.com, Facebook is now in a position to overtake YouTube in video posts in the News Feed, and with over 1.3 billion active users, this is a significant change.

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