Make This Your Year by Creating a Website Worth Visiting


A good website can be crucial in making sure your business makes a mark. Most companies worth their salt have a website, and with around 3 billions users worldwide, why wouldn’t you!? By investing in a good website, you can effectively reach many people, and in doing so, sustain and grow your business in relation to your competitors.

With the new year here, it's a great time to do some general housekeeping on your website to make sure that it still portrays your company in the best way, is up-to-date with content and images, and is responsive with mobile devices.

Here are our tips on what you should be considering when re-evaluating your website...

Constructive criticism

Sometimes when you are close to something, you can't see what others see. A good idea when looking at your website, is to ask someone else to take a look at it, who will be brutally honest with you. Ask them if they like the layout, the images, the fonts. Is the site easy to navigate around? Honest feedback is a good starting point for any changes and improvements that you might look to make.


A good place to start when planning your website improvements is research. You should do this in terms of what your competitors are doing, considering your target audience and emerging trends such as video marketing. Have a look at websites that you like, ones that you don’t. Make some notes on what you think works well, types of fonts that you like and have a clear idea on your brand, message and aim of the website - are you trying to raise your profile, gain new business, launch a new business or aspect of an existing one? 


Does your branding need a facelift? The chances are, if you have been in business for a while, you may need to consider an evolution of your branding and logo? This doesn’t have to be drastic, and is often better if it is a small, subtle change so that your logo is still recognisable, but perhaps just looks that little bit more professional in the current market.


Over time, the content and images on your page may start to become cluttered. Like with anything, if you don’t have a sort out from time to time, things begin to look messy. It is important to make sure that your website reflects your business well, and should not be overcrowded. The layout is very important as well as the amount of content on each page. You need to have enough text for the site to be indexed, but not too much that it looks untidy and overwhelming, which can put people off staying on your site.

Friendly Fonts

Make sure that you have used a font that is easy to read, and also ties in with your branding and company image. Fonts such as Comic Sans which was everyone's favourite in the late nineties are not the most professional to use on a website. Obviously your font choice will be different depending on the type of business you are. For example, a coffee shop or restaurant will have a different approach to a corporate business. The main thing to remember is to make sure your font is easy on the eye, doesn’t make the page look messy and fits with your brand.

If you are feeling inspired and would like to have a look at how your website could be brought up to date, please give us a call on 04865 98 98 99 email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we would be happy to discuss your requirements with you in more detail.

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