5 Top Website Design Tips in a Mobile obsessed climate

mobile designWith the increase of mobile devices and their availability it has changed the way in which we use the Internet on a daily basis. 

It is more important than ever to make sure that your website, is user-friendly across all devices, making sure that your design works well for your brand and communicates effectively for your business.

Your Website Design shows the world who you are!

When someone clicks onto your site, they will immediately either be drawn to or away from continuing to browse your website. The design of your website, your homepage and navigation is such an important part of showcasing your business, that you want to make sure that you get it right, in terms of what is displayed, the colours used, how easy it is to find your way around.

Back to Basics - Here’s our 5 Top Tips to consider in your website design

1. Colours, Fonts & Logos

Having a professional logo that stands for your company and brand can set the theme and tone to your website, and make sure that your business is shown in the way that you want. If you are a fun-loving clothes brand for children, the font and theme will be completely different to that of a high-end designer bag company. These factors may seem quite pedantic but speaks volumes about your company ethos, products, services and can has a massive impact on first impressions. 

The font should be a decent size, not so small that it is difficult to read, and makes you actually end up leaving the site, because it becomes too much effort to carry on.

2. Functional                                                                                                                           

It is important to make your website easy to navigate. Having a clear menu function, with salient information including things such as “services”, “blog” and “Contact” links, this makes it easy for anyone visiting your website to quickly establish which page they are interested in and find it with little fuss. If your menu or navigation is cluttered, or has too many options it becomes confusing and messy, and is likely to deter people from continuing on your site. Web users want things instantly, and if your menu and homepage is difficult to navigate, it is likely that you will have a large bounce rate (people who click onto your site, then leave within a few seconds).

3.  Contact Forms

Adding an easy to fill in contact form to your website can be a good move. It is an obvious CTA (call to action) but by keeping it simple, to include basic information, you allow your visitor to make contact with you with minimal fuss, then putting the onus on you as the business to respond. This of course needs to be actioned quickly, or you may lose the customer to another business. For example, I recently entered my details into a couple of websites as I was looking for a quote on an item. One company didn’t even respond to my query, and therefore lost out on the business, as I went elsewhere.

4.  Social Media Links

By adding social media links onto your site, you encourage visitors to your website to also     

follow you on social media. It is well documented how prolific social media has become over the last few years and is a great way to expand your customer base, and get your company's name known. If you have an ecommerce site, it is also an idea to add a link whereby a customer can share on social media when they have purchased an item from you. People like to tell the world everything about their lives on social media, and by posting this link back to your item and website you could potentially get some further coverage and customers.

5. CTA’s should be clear

There’s nothing worse than having looked at a website, and after deciding that you are interested in making contact with the company, having to scrabble around searching for a phone number or email address. Of course this information is usually provided on a “contact page”, but it is always advisable to also have this information at the top of your website, so it is obvious. This will also go in your favour if people are browsing your site via a mobile, as the customer will be able to click onto your phone number which will automatically go into his/her phone, ready to call.

We have our own excellent in-house designer, who is full of knowledge and useful advice when designing a website. If you are interested to see how Clever Business Websites can help you with your website,contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01865 98 98 99.

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