Website Fails: How NOT to Launch Online

How Not to Launch a WebsiteWhen you’ve got a brand spanking new website, you want the world to know about it. You can go about this in a number of ways, but it usually means emailing your customers, perhaps posting on Facebook or shouting about it on Twitter. You can, of course, pay to advertise your new digital presence, either in print or online – or the old-fashioned way of just telling someone face to face.

What you don’t want, however, is to be beset with problems when you launch, or even in some case before you launch.

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Claim your .uk web address!

For several years, websites based in the UK have been identified by a domain. It’s usually the first type of domain your business, or your website provider on your behalf, will claim when you set up a website presence. It’s particularly important if you’re a UK company with a strong local bias.

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