Could Google be your next domain provider?

google-domainsOne of the most recent bits of news to come out of the multinational billion dollar ideas stable, Google, is that it’s currently building a domain registration service. This upcoming product is called, somewhat obviously, Google Domains – it’s a work in progress at the moment and is still in its invite-only beta format.

Google Domains comes from the company’s division that deals with small businesses. According to its research, just over 50% of SMEs still don’t have a website. A domain is a website’s main foundation, that which gives it its name, so it’s perhaps a logical next step for Google to want to conquer this part of your web presence too.

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The right to erase our online past?

clear-historyIt’s something we’ve all had to learn (and some the hard way), that the presence of the internet over the last 20 years has meant that we all leave a digital footprint.  

A footprint that shows the social side - Facebook posts, cheeky tweets, old school photos, tags in photos we’d rather forget… – as well as the professional business side. It’s a given these days that recruitment agencies or prospective employers search your social media accounts for signs that your digital profile matches up to what’s on your CV.

But the digital footprint could have a rockier foundation than we once thought. 

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Generation App

27572 Twitter4-HomeIt’s an increasingly common sight nowadays – your favourite website brings out a handy app, something for you to download onto your smartphone either in iPhone or Android format. It’s very likely to be a free app, particularly if it’s a shopping one, as brands are trying to encourage you to access their products quickly, easily and from anywhere, regardless of whether you’re on the move or sat at home.

The teen years of the 21st century might well be called the ‘decade of the app’, as we have taken to them as a nation like a duck to water. With smartphone use now at an all-time high and market penetration expected to reach 75% in the UK this year, most of us are surgically attached to them; they’re with us in the kitchen, in the bedroom and even in the bathroom.

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Is ‘Checking In’ A Thing Of The Past?

Google Maps PinYou might have noticed a change in our behaviour recently. Our lives are seemingly dominated by devices that we never knew we needed 10 years ago. Smartphone use in the UK, for example, has seen an incredible increase since 2012, with over 70% of us now owning one.

If you have a smartphone and a tablet you probably have quite a strong bond with them. Quite likely you see these devices as a natural extension of yourself.

Congratulations! You belong to a fast-growing group of consumers, one that is highly engaged with their phones and with their iPads. The brands that have cottoned on to this engaged usage, through development of clever mobile apps and mobile-based services, have been rewarded with loyalty and a rise in online sales.

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Launching a Business Online: Perfectionism vs. Spontaneity

Do or Do NotMany start-ups and businesses reach a point during their inception, a point that asks: when is the right time to tell our story online? This moment in time can bring out the best in spontaneity and the worst in perfectionism, or vice-versa.

A phrase that's been around the block, 'every business is unique' will tell us that there is no cookie-cutter solution. So how does one know when the time is right to launch a project or business?


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