A dedicated service with a dedicated server

dedicated-serverThis is a service we’re excited to be rolling out to all the businesses we work with, whether you’re a small start-up with relatively low amounts of web traffic or a larger e-commerce site with thousands of visitors a day.

Incorporated into CBW’s straightforward, business-friendly website offers, these server benefits are available to all who have a website designed and hosted by us – just check out our £49, £79 and £99 monthly price plans for more information.

So how does it benefit you?

Increased reliability

We have additional levels of security (even more than before!). This means that now all of the server’s resources go toward keeping our customers’ websites up and running.

Higher performance levels

Customers will see quicker page response times. Whether your site has a high traffic volumes or it needs to load many of high resolution photos and videos, your website will load noticeably quicker.

Greater control

For example, our new server gives us full administrator access; as a result we have installed programmes that monitor usage of resource. This makes it easier to identify any potential issues so we can prevent them before they have the opportunity to affect your website.

Safer storage

Securing a company’s website should be considered a priority.  Unauthorised access to a website through hacking can have devastating effects.  Damage to servers can mean loss of valuable information and unnecessary downtime which can result in loss of credibility and revenue.  Our datacentres are purpose built to store the servers.  They are climate controlled and physical access to the server is restricted to authorised personnel.  This protects our customer’s most valuable asset, its reputation and identity on the web.

So, with CBW, your website is in very safe hands indeed! 

If you’d like more information on our hosting services or have a query about the safety and protection of your website, please do drop us a line on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call on 01865 989899.