The most viral video ads of 2013

It’s December, and so we thought we have a bit of light-hearted fun with our last blog post of the year.

And what could be more popular than taking a peek at those video ads that have been the most shared, the most commented on – the watercooler discussions for 2013.  We’ve all seen them (and if you haven’t, where have you been?) – these are the internet sensations that swept through the web like wildfire.

Video promotion company Unruly recently put together a report on the top 20 most viral video ads of the year.  The ranking were based on the number of shares across Twitter, Facebook, and the blogosphere rather than number of views because it reasoned this was a better measure of an ad’s virality — ‘active’ rather than ‘passive consumption.

Take a look at the list below. Top of the heap is Dove’s ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ with 114 million page views and a whopping 4.24 million shares. You can watch it in full at the end of this post.

We’re a nation, indeed a world of video watchers, and this can be proved in the astounding statistics of our screen-goggling. Billions of videos are watched online every month, with a most recent estimate stating that videos will comprise 69% of all internet traffic in 2017.

Advertisers are ahead of the curve and are already shifting their spending away from the more traditional TV ads towards digital video. This is because the figures speak for themselves, and in today’s cyberworld, we’re 27 times more likely to click through online video ads than standard banners. Brands have joined the bandwagon and are creating their own mini-dramas.

Going viral

So how did Dove get to the top of the list and be the most viral ad of 2013? Their ad touched an emotional nerve in viewers. It looks at how we view ourselves compared to how others see us, giving a powerful message of self-awareness that resonated with millions across the globe.

Number two on the list is Geico’s hump day ad, which has had over 18 million views for one simple reason — the talking camel is funny and cute. Others worth mentioning in the top 20 include Budweiser’s pull-on-the-heartstrings ad ‘Brotherhood’, GoPro’s real footage of a fireman saving a kitten and Volvo featuring grizzled 80’s action movie star Jean-Claude van Damme in their ‘epic split ad.

Here’s the winning Dove ad in full:

And on that note, we’d like to wish you all a great Christmas season and see you in 2014 with lots more inspiring, thought-provoking and sometimes irreverent blog posts.