How Google Analytics can improve your website

You’ve got your website, perhaps it’s all shiny and brand new, or maybe it’s more established and been around for a few years.  But before you leave your website to rest on its laurels, we wanted to let you know about a simple tool that will make your website work harder for your business. And it’s free as well!

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Easy SEO Tips for Beginners

SEO: Search Engine OptimisationAt Clever Business Websites we’re very aware that many of the companies we work with don’t have the resources to spend on maximising their internet presence. But being a small business doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most of your website. It’s all about finding the channels that work best for you, to maximise your exposure.

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Hacked Off? Hacking, a growing online problem

Hacking Problems For Small Business WebsitesNowadays, we don’t think anything of strolling down the street, texting a couple of friends whilst simultaneously googling the location of a new restaurant. But with the normalisation of instant-access-anywhere technology comes the increase in the incidences of hacking and of online security fences being breached. As technology has become more accessible, so has the desire for a small but powerful number of individuals to wreak online havoc.

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Could Your Idea Be The Next Great Online Startup?

shutlUK entrepreneurs continued developing new online businesses at a rapid pace in 2012. Some of those online enterprises are following paths of success initiated by some proven performers. A review of the UK’s most successful and up and coming online startups reveals that the Silicon Valley is not the only place good ideas are launched.

UK entrepreneurs have a strong record of achievement in online startups. Below are a few of our favorites.

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Top 10 FREE things every website should do after launching

google-webmaster-toolsSo you've launched your brand new shiny website and you're really proud of what it says about your business. But what happens now? How will people find your website and discover all that's great about what you do and sell?

To give you a helping hand, we've put together a clever little list of all the FREE things that small businesses can do, to put their website firmly on the search engine map. We're not including on-page SEO or keyword analysis here, as this is normally part of your website setup and generally done before your site is launched (if you're looking for advice in these areas, check out our digital marketing services).

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