Social media – what works best for your business

Social Media for BusinessIn this week’s blog post we’re going to explore the rise and rise of social media and how best to put it to good use for your business, whilst at the same time making you aware of the pitfalls.

Social media platforms have seen an incredible rise in usage over the last few years – Facebook alone now has 850 million active users worldwide and 11 new Twitter accounts are opened every second. Some of you will already be using one or more of these channels to promote your business, others of you are just happy to let your employees update their personal Facebook page during worktime.

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SEO Vs Adwords

Adwords vs SEOOne of the questions we’re often asked by customers is what works best for a business’s search engine optimisation – paying for it using Google Adwords or taking the more ‘organic’ SEO route?

And the answer is that it depends. It depends on a number of factors and in this blog post we try and cut through the bluff and the blurb and give you the lowdown, so you can decide what will work best for you.

One of the best ways of setting the scene for the SEO Vs Adwords debate is to picture yourself at the bottom of a mountain. You want to get to the top but on one side is a sheer cliff, giving you a fast but painful way up. The other side is a gentle slope which winds its way slowly skywards; it could take you a long time to reach the summit but it will save you some pain. Understanding the difference between SEO and Adwords will help you decide which will work best for your business.

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Top Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing Getting your email marketing strategy right can be one of the best ways of converting interest in your products and services into real business.

It seems more and more small businesses are switching onto the fact that keeping in touch with their contacts list, as well as providing them with a heads up on any special offers, news and promotions is the way forward to winning over customers.  And with larger companies increasing their digital marketing spend by as much as 9% in 2013, with the knowledge that email marketing really works, we’re sure that smaller businesses are starting to see the sense in following the trend.

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Get mobile

Get a mobile websiteYou can’t miss it these days. Everyone is accessing the internet from their mobiles and tablets as they sit in cafes, chat on the train or even as they’re walking down the street. We now demand information fast, and whatever patience we did have has now gone completely if we stumble across a website when we’re on the move that is either too slow to load or is difficult to navigate on a small screen.

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Building a successful brand

Building a brand and a logoYour brand is often something that gets overlooked when you’re busy building up your business. It’s often thought that branding is a bit of ‘fluff’ on top of the important stuff. But that could be a costly mistake to make.

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