Why Should I Use Google Plus

Google Plus Menu BarYou’re busy. We’re busy. Life’s run at quite a hectic pace these days, and if you’re juggling running a business with having enough time at home, then social media may come way down your list of priorities.

But before you dismiss Google+ as yet another social network in a long list of others you struggle to keep track of, bear with us. You’ll soon discover that not being on Google+ will have a long-term (negative) effect on your business’ online presence and that you should be using Google Plus.

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8 Awesome British Startups

start-upThe UK has a small but perfectly formed selection of clever and successful website startups. The origination of these sites is surprisingly broad based, not solely concentrated in London. Cambridge, Edinburgh, Brighton, Manchester, Birmingham and small Welsh villages are home to some of the country’s most successful digital brands.

Below are eight of the finest, most imaginative and successful online startups in the UK.

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Out with the old, in with the new

Clever Business WebsitesIt’s a brand new year and here at Clever Business Websites we can’t wait to get stuck into 2013. Not that the old year wasn’t a good one, despite all the rain (!), but there’s always a scent of promise in the air when the calendar flips into 1st January. Something that gives you a bit of a spring to your step for all that’s to come.

We’re not talking about trying to stick to those half-hearted resolutions which inevitably end up being broken sometime in February. Instead we think there’s every reason why ringing in the New Year offers you a great opportunity to look afresh at your business website and to think of ways of engaging more effectively with your customers.

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Making your website work for you

Making your website work for your businessThis week we thought we’d give you a little bit of an insight into how much we consider our customers when we’re designing websites, trying to put ourselves in your shoes if you like. You want to maximise your potential and this becomes a real focus for when we’re putting together a site.

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Getting your online customer service right

Customer ServiceAs a small, probably relatively localised business, you might think that worrying about online customer service is not top of your priority list right now. Your concentration is all on converting footfall through your business or shop door into real sales, or turning that phone call enquiry into a real lead.

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