The most viral video ads of 2013

It’s December, and so we thought we have a bit of light-hearted fun with our last blog post of the year.

And what could be more popular than taking a peek at those video ads that have been the most shared, the most commented on – the watercooler discussions for 2013.  We’ve all seen them (and if you haven’t, where have you been?) – these are the internet sensations that swept through the web like wildfire.

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When’s the best time to get social?

We’re living in a world that’s permanently awake and online, particularly when you look at social media. Someone is always posting, tweeting, sharing, uploading.

For those of us who are running businesses, this 24/7 community can prove a bit challenging. You obviously can’t be online all the time, even if you’re paying someone to look after your social media. So how should you know when it’s the best time to reach your target audience.

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The only Constant is Change…

Change is constant HummingbirdIt’s Google’s 15th birthday, so instead of expecting lots of presents themselves, they’ve given us one instead. This brand new shiny gift is called Hummingbird and it’s the internet search giant’s newest algorithm update, their largest since 2001. But before you think ‘why should that matter to me?’, it’s worth considering what this means for you and your business. The way we search online has been reborn.

The Hummingbird name is no coincidence as it offers us a ‘faster, more precise’ way of searching. And the way Google has managed to achieve this is to completely redesign the way it indexes websites. If you’ve heard the names ‘Penguin’ and ‘Panda’ bandied around, they were mere drops in the ocean compared to Hummingbird’s impact.

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Innovation Reigns At Silicon Roundabout

Those familiar with London’s Old Street Roundabout are witness to the area’s vibrant transformation. Whilst the City’s traffic flows and the backdrop of the oversized billboard still presides over the roundabout, change is most definitely happening.

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that our Government will invest £50 million in the area, a hotbed for UK technology and startups. Our government believes this area can spur economic growth and along the way support a good number of neighbouring enterprises.

Restaurants, pubs, coffee shops and the Hoxton Hotel are already benefiting from the hundreds of entrepreneurs that have flooded the area.

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Pay Monthly Websites

Web Design Agency

Every small business owner and startup is aware of the importance of their web presence. Website design, hosting & maintenance can be daunting, time-consuming endeavours. The simple reality is that SME’s and most startups who can achieve great benefits from strong web presence can rarely spare the manpower or upfront capital to launch and sustain their greatest marketing tool.

One of the greatest advantages of a professionally built website which is on a pay monthly contracts is that the provider bears most of the risk. The developer waives the large upfront development fees in lieu of a consistent, monthly payment. The SME or startup has a minimal out-of-pocket expense and can budget the cost of the site each month, in line with additional promotional activity. As long as the monthly payments are made, the site remains active and promotes your business online.

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