Video is the new black

You might be starting to think we’re a little obsessed with video. These days it seems to be all we’re talking about. But with Youtube currently claiming the 2nd spot in the search engine stakes, well, we think we’d be rather foolish not to.

video is the new black

That’s one of the reasons why Clever Business Websites’ Director, Eric McDonogh, was out on Wednesday night at the Oxfordshire Project’s Bicester networking event; spreading the word about the importance of video. His talk focused on the enormous drive towards video on the web and why video marketing is so valuable for small businesses.

Unfortunately I can’t make this blog as engaging as Eric’s presentation (if you read on you’ll see why), but what I can do is give you some of the highlights. You can even watch the presentation for yourselves to see what all the fuss is about… 

So why are we hung up on video?

1. Video is the face of your business

You may not have the clout of Virgin or Amazon, or one of those behemoth brands, but as a small business you do have the opportunity to build up trust in your business. Something that’s sadly lacking between many consumers and large corporations.

But trust doesn’t happen overnight and it’s very hard to establish via your website, especially if people are relying on the written word. For example, if you watch Eric’s video you’ll see that he’s about 5 ft 11” tall, has an Irish accent, and likes to wear jeans with tweed jackets in a kind of ‘I’m more interesting than your average businessman’ kind of way.

Me, however, I could tell you that I’m 45 years old, an experienced marketer and wear little glasses to make myself seem more intelligent. But you’ll never know if that’s a fact and you won’t really have any reason to take my word for it.

Putting video on your website and showing the literal face of your business tells your customers so much more about you and immediately starts that crucial process of building trust.

If people have seen you on your website, but haven’t seen the face of your nearest competitor, you know who they’re more likely to go to…

2. Youtube is a search engine all by itself

In fact Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google. That means putting your video on Youtube opens up your business to a whole new audience of web users.

Ignoring Youtube is a bit like having a shop on the high street and only letting people in through the back door. Imagine how many more people would come in if you opened up the front.

3. Video is more engaging than written content

Much as it pains the copywriters and bloggers out there, the sad fact is that only 10% of site visitors will read an article in full; whereas 40% will watch a video to the end.

This does beg the question ‘so why are you bothering?’ – but that’s a whole different issue and one I’ll explore later (ooh there’s an idea for next week’s blog piece).

Digressions aside, video is just more engaging than the written word. In our fast-paced, multi-media world, we are becoming more and more passive; we are consumers like we never were before. So we need to adapt our communication styles to suit.

Stop serving yesterday’s specials and adapt to the appetite of the new world.

My final word

I titled this post 'video is the new black' after the title of Eric's presentation. You'll have to ask him for the logic behind that though - I can't claim to know...