Suppliers – don’t let them bully your business

So you’ve got a nasty sales person breathing down your neck, trying to convince you that their product is the next best thing and your whole world will fall apart if you don’t sign up with them right away.

You started off feeling strong and like you had some resolve, you might even have had a modicum of self-respect. But as the sales person persists, the doubt sets in, you’re no longer so sure of yourself and you’re getting this creeping sensation that you might, just might, be losing your mind.

Here’s why you’re not.

They’re desperate

Anyone who pursues you to the point of stalking is desperate for your business, so what does that say about their own? Nothing good, that’s for sure. If someone works for a healthy business, they don’t need to hassle and harangue potential customers. Something’s always up if they do.

It’s a sign of things to come

If the person you’re dealing with has failed to listen to your repeated attempts to say no, then this should sound a very loud warning gong. If they aren’t listening to you now, then they won’t listen to you later on. So when you’ve got a problem with their service, or you need that extra bit of support, chances are you’ll be met with excuses and a generally sub-standard level of customer service.

Even if you’ll be working with someone other than the sales rep, you should still measure the company by who they employ. Would you employ someone like this to bully and belittle people into a sale? Thought not.

The importance of ‘no’

Even if there’s an outside possibility that sales person X really does have the best product since Word, you are perfectly entitled to say no. It’s quite simply your right not to pay for a service on the principle that you just don’t want it. End of.

If it happens that somewhere down the line it turns out that, well, maybe you were wrong and this is the product for you, then great, go for it. But what are the real chances that by not jumping on whichever bandwagon your sales rep is driving right now, right this second, you'll be damaging your business?

You have a budget – stick to it

Sometimes a service can be right for your business, but not right now. And a good sales person will respect that. Of course we all want to have our own branded yacht sailing in the pacific, but first things first. It’s ok to ask someone to call you back in 1 year or 5, and keep you up-to-date on what’s going on. Then when the time is right you can have your billboard in Times Square, or the seminar with Richard Branson.

There’s a reason you have a budget and a business plan, so it’s important that you stick to it. Anyone who tries to coerce your regardless just doesn’t care about your business.


Say ‘No’. Say it now, say it out loud and shout it down the phone if you have to.

Feels good doesn’t it?

The author - Rosie Heptonstall, Marketing Manager for Clever Business Websites

Oh and yes, she did have someone in mind when she wrote this...