It’s all about the money

The real reason your business needs a website

It’s been crazy over the last few weeks. Proper non-stop, no time to think, bashing out calls and emails left right and centre kind of crazy. But this didn’t stop me from putting some time aside yesterday to meet up with my favourite banter buddy, Gordon Lundie, for a catch-up.

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5 things to think about when building a website

This Friday we thought it would be good to provide some simple tips on things to consider when building a new website. Not complex, not rocket-sciencey web developer stuff; just a few quick pointers that will make your website a more user-friendly experience and a more powerful tool for your business.

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In praise of brand consistency

The idea for this blog piece came to me while I was having my hair cut last Saturday.

It occurred to me, in amongst the whir of hairdryers and heat of straighteners, that I like my hairdressers because they are consistent. Consistent from the time you first clap eyes on their building sign to the moment you walk out the door – all sharp edges and serum.

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The best online tools for small businesses

One of the hardest things for small business owners is finding the right tools to manage their business. Unlike big corporations you simply don’t have the money or the manpower to start sourcing all-singing all-dancing systems.

In some ways this is a blessing in disguise – who wants a 12-month 20 man project to install some unwieldy CRM anyway? On the flip-side, it can mean that everyday processes are a bit of a grind (to say the least) and nothing’s ever quite as smooth as you’d like.

But, as they say, all is not lost. There are now many low cost (and even free!) online tools that can help to ease the administrative nightmare, business-wide. In our experience, taking advantage of just a few of these tools can make all the difference to how you run your business.

Here are some of them.

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