3 ways to kill your Google rankings

With so much competition on the web, it’s important to get ahead with your online marketing. And while it can be tempting to fall for shortcuts and silver bullets – often offered by the snake-oil salesmen of the web – in reality it takes a good deal of time and energy to really make a difference to your web rankings.  

Having said that, it can be difficult to differentiate between good SEO tools and bad, especially when someone’s spinning a convincing sales pitch. So to give you a head start we’ve compiled the following list of poor SEO tactics that are bound to kill your Google rankings.

Don’t become the next victim to Big G’s ever-evolving algorithm...

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Video is the new black

You might be starting to think we’re a little obsessed with video. These days it seems to be all we’re talking about. But with Youtube currently claiming the 2nd spot in the search engine stakes, well, we think we’d be rather foolish not to.

video is the new black

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Your business, your video

Part 2 of our series on video marketing

Last time we gave you a whistlestop tour of why video marketing is important for your business; hopefully demonstrating that video can do all sorts of useful things, from building trust to boosting SEO.

So far, so good. But unfortunately getting the concept isn’t always enough. To really make a success of video marketing you need to have some idea of what you’re hoping to achieve. And you need to see yourself as an integral part of the process (you or some other lucky soul who you’ve delegated the task to...). After all, it’s your video and your business.

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Getting video marketing right for your business

Part 3 of our series on video marketing

I recently attended a ‘themed’ networking event in Edinburgh (no, not that kind of theme, there were no superman outfits). While there was the usual mingling and nervous biscuit munching, the event also included a series of presentations on a particular theme. I happened to be delivering one of those presentations, but that’s not really relevant to the story.

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Debating grammar

Why a good grammar discussion is valuable for business writing

Oh I do I like a debate. Well, a nice, civil one without any cursing or swearing.

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