Can planning your marketing save you money?

Do you spend time planning where you're going with your business? Do you think about what you want to achieve and work out how to get there? Or do you just go with the flow and see what happens? Do you plan your marketing and work out how much you can spend and where, or do you just jump in and pay for that great deal you're offered?

Some people spend a lot of time planning their marketing, while others would rather use their time for other things. Which one are you?

Here Chantal Cornelius from Apple Tree explores some of the pros and cons of planning your marketing.

Money matters

People who sell advertising love people who don't plan. They rely on the fact that you don't have a marketing budget and will jump in with a 'great offer' for you. They have some space that they need to sell in a hurry and are offering it to you at a fantastic knock down price. You'd be mad to miss out on it. But will your ideal clients even read the magazine? Will you get any work from it?

Ideal clients

Speaking of ideal clients, do you know who yours are? Do you work with anyone with a pulse and a cheque book? Can you do anything for anyone? Or you could do some planning to find out who you really like working with and what you're good at.  Then you could find your niche and stick to it, instead of wandering all over the place.

Missed opportunities

If you stick rigidly to your plan, could you miss out on some great opportunities? If you've decided your budget and who your ideal clients are, what do you do if something different comes along? Do you turn down an opportunity just because it doesn't fit with your plan?

Trial and Error

What's the best marketing you can do for your business? Don't worry if you don't know, because you can just try anything. A bit of trial and error never hurt anyone, did it? Don't worry about learning from other people's mistakes - just spend time and money making your own!

So there are pros and cons to planning your marketing. Which route do you prefer - the safe, planned route that will save you time and money while getting great results, or the journey where you don't know exactly where you're going?

To download a free Marketing Plan template that will help you plan your marketing, click here.

The author

Chantal Cornelius is the director of Appletree, a marketing company that has been helping small businesses to grow for the last 12 years.

Chantal Cornelius has been running her own marketing consultancy, Appletree, since 2000.  In that time she has helped many ambitious small companies to grow with her expertise in marketing.  Chantal’s passion is to help other businesses to grow successfully and sustainably.  Chantal is a successful marketing mentor to many coaches, consultants and trainers who want to grow their businesses.

Alongside marketing mentoring, Appletree works with numerous clients to develop their marketing strategy and subsequent plans. Appletree then delivers the plans via copywriting, newsletters, blogs, networking meetings, press articles and websites. The focus on the marketing delivered is that it is planned and integrated - this is how it becomes so much more effective.  

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