5 things to think about when building a website

This Friday we thought it would be good to provide some simple tips on things to consider when building a new website. Not complex, not rocket-sciencey web developer stuff; just a few quick pointers that will make your website a more user-friendly experience and a more powerful tool for your business.


When putting together your site, you need to think like a customer and make everything insanely easy to find. Imagine a child or an elderly relative is using your site for the first time. Can they get to everything they want within a few quick steps and without having to know the intricacies of how you built your website?

If in any doubt, get your least web-savvy friend or relative to find a key bit of information on your website. Websites shouldn’t be built for web developers – build it for your lowest common denominator.*

Calls to action

The absolute golden rule of any good website, is providing obvious contact information. Just think about all those times you were on a website and couldn’t find a number to call, or even an email address. What did you do? Did you spend hours hopelessly searching, or leave and try a different company? We’d bet it was the latter.

Make contact details obvious on every page – provide a telephone number, email address and contact form. If you need people to buy online or fill in a booking form, make sure it’s only a few clicks away.

Whatever you do, don’t just include a web form – some people like to fill in forms, others don’t, so give people the option to call if they want to.

Include features that you can regularly update, like blogs and news items

Incorporating content that you can easily date, helps you to demonstrate that your company is on the ball and active. It also encourages you to keep adding keyword-rich content to your site that Google will love.

Come on guys – we all know content is king.

Use someone who knows what they’re talking about

We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to use proper web designers for your site, rather than doing it yourself. It doesn’t have to be us, but please, please don’t try and hash something together yourself.

The snake oil salesmen of DIY websites are lying to you. You’ll soon see why…

Use different types of media

To keep your site interesting, take advantage of different types of media to explain what you do. Think video, animations, photo galleries – anything that makes your site a visual and interesting experience and one that will engage your visitors.

About the author - Rosie Heptonstall

*Rosie is the marketing manager for Clever Business Websites and is notoriously dense when it comes to using websites herself – especially anything to do with online shopping. If you want the lowest common denominator to test your website for usability, she’s your woman.