Top Tips for choosing the right Domain for your Business Website

Choosing your business domain

When creating your new website, an important part of the process is choosing the right domain name. Your brand name and website need to stand hand in hand to create a cohesion of your business.  But how can you reach an effective domain name for your website, making sure not to affect the impact of your SEO?

Let's have a look at a bit of information about domains, what works best and how to incorporate your domain into achieving good search rank.

Up until 2012, Exact-match domains (EMDs) were really popular. You could choose a domain for your business, with words that you wanted to rank for, phone deals becomes and achieve top ranking. Google changed this rule in 2012, so this no longer works, meaning that more intricate and clever SEO and work behind the scenes needs to take place in order to achieve that same ranking.

Here are some top tips to consider when choosing your website domain…

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5 Ways To Utilise Your CRM for SEO


Having a decent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in place is a key part of developing a business. Having a central place to track leads, conversions, conversations, emails and building on relationships is vitally important. Something that can often go unnoticed is how your CRM can assist in your SEO strategy. Here we take a look at 5 ways that you can fully utilise your CRM for SEO.

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Digital Marketing is the answer to company growth

We have established that in this day and age, a company needs to exist online if it is to exist at all. Many businesses have a website presence, but this may be outdated in design and content, and lacking in any digital marketing influence at all. If you want to succeed in the current competitive climate, then having a decent website, with a practical and up-to-date design, relevant content and images is a good starting point. However, your website is unlikely to be ranked highly or bring in the necessary results unless the correct SEO and Digital Marketing strategies have been implemented. This needn’t be an overwhelming task, but it should be a priority, especially for online and Ecommerce based businesses.

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Top Tips for Writing Outstanding Content

Outstanding Content

Perhaps you write your own website content, or you may choose, like many to outsource your content writing to a third party. However you choose to manage your content, it is important to make sure that the content you add is not only relevant, interesting and topical, but that it also works for you in terms of SEO. The purpose of content is not only to show your expertise, spark excitement, or entice someone to buy from you, but also to make sure that your website ranks highly for specific keywords that are important to your overall marketing strategy.

So, how can you ensure that your content is outstanding in terms of relevance and SEO?

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The Decline in Organic Reach

Marketing Organic Decline

Small businesses often have small budgets to match and as a result heavily rely upon free tools such as social media. Businesses have increasingly become more reliant on the organic reach of posts to deliver key marketing messages direct to followers in the hope that this message will reach hundreds if not thousands. But in recent times, with the introduction of a new Facebook algorithm as well as other influencing factors, we have seen a sharp decline in organic reach. Let’s take a look at why this is happening…

Crowded Platform

With over 50,000,000 business having a Facebook profile, the platform is getting pretty crowded, having a knock-on effect on the influence of organic reach of the posts that are put out there. Basically the top and bottom of it is that there is too much content out there. It is a really sore subject for many, with social media posts being shared, but no longer being viewed in news feeds, unless you engage in paid-for options to boost your posts.

Facebook Algorithm

The other huge reason that your posts are not reaching the news feeds of your customers is that Facebook wants to control what content is being viewed and by who, based on its relevance rather than just showing all available content it now cherry-picks posts that you’ll find interesting based on your location, previous clicks, interests and the like.

Originally based on a points system, the algorithm EdgeRank was linked to post recency, interaction, inclusion of a link on the post. Developing into a more complex algorithm, it now looks at Interest, Post’s performance, Creator (performance of past posts), Type (status, photo etc) and Recency (how new is the post.)

The popularity of this medium as a way of reaching customers has evolved to the point where there is actually too much content available to view at any one time, which is where the algorithm picks out the best content to show potential customers. It has it’s own agenda too, providing a platform that is high quality and informative as well, therefore being in a position to show the best quality content relevant to each user bodes well for Facebook/Twitter in giving its customers what they want. It is not so helpful for you as a small business, who is looking to spread the word. 

How To Combat The Organic Decline?

It’s not an ideal scenario, but it may be time to consider a mixture of organic and paid posts in order to grow your reach. Continue to be actively engaged on social media, posting current, relevant and informative posts. Adding a paid aspect to your campaign may give you the boost that you’re looking for, and it needn’t be very costly. Be more selective about what you post, aiming to get as much interaction from one post as possible. Encourage calls to actions, likes and shares to increase engagement and if you do decide to use Facebook for paid engagement, make sure that you target your efforts and track your analytics, so you can learn what works best. 


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